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Free Clinic of Central Virginia provides expert care with superior treatment results to patients at all points in their care from diagnosis to treatment and ongoing wellness.

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Your gift will help provide medical, dental and behavioral health services in our community. Our work is only possible with generous support from those who share our commitment to making health care available to all.

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Volunteers keep the “FREE” in The Free Clinic. Volunteer support keeps costs low, enabling us to provide quality medical, dental and behavioral health care for those who might otherwise go without care.


Free Clinic of Central Virginia has a Centralized Call Center (appointment phone line) to find the best day and time for your visit. Your phone call is very important to us.

Our Mission

The mission of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia is to ensure high-quality, compassionate and comprehensive healthcare for every member of our community. We fulfill this mission by providing high-quality medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health and health education services to those in Central Virginia who do not have the resources to obtain these essential healthcare services.

Our Values


We serve adults who reside in Central Virginia, are uninsured or underinsured, and have income less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. Individuals are considered underinsured if their health insurance does not cover the medically necessary service they are requesting, or if there is a demonstrated community-wide lack of access to care. Patients will not be denied medical, pharmacy, behavioral health or basic dental services if they are unable to pay. We request that uninsured patients make a nominal donation. Patients with insurance are charged the required co-payment for services.



Our mission will be accomplished through a community-based volunteer program which will include medical, dental, pharmacy, and behavioral health professionals, as well as other non-healthcare professionals who provide various support services.


Community Involvement

We extend our care through working relationships with other healthcare providers in our community who agree to make their services available to our patients at no charge. We partner with Community Access Network, Centra Health, Hill City Pharmacy, and other local and regional healthcare providers to create a continuum of services to improve the overall health of our community.


Care, Respect and Privacy

We provide high-quality patient care in a compassionate way, respecting the dignity, privacy and worth of each person.



We provide educational opportunities to assist our patients in improving their health. We provide practical experience for current and future healthcare professionals through partnership with academic institutions.



We advocate for greater access to healthcare for the underserved, and improved community-wide health outcomes.  

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone has a medical home that provides for optimal individual and community wellness.